Original Evacusled

(Bed Mattress Dependent)

  • Cocoon patients with bed mattress
  • Needs only 1 rescuer for vertical evacuation
  • Highly engineered braking system on underside for complete control
  • 25 built-in wheels, no dragging/lifting required
  • No patient transfer required

(NOT Bed Mattress Dependent)

  • Underside wheel system
  • Built in foam padding
  • Built in spinal board
  • Built in braking system
  • One rescuer only to transfer patient, both horizontal and vertical

(Belay Technique)

  • Rigid high density polyethylene evacuation device
  • Uses log roll technique and drag
  • 5 seat belt securing straps, 8 side carrying handles
  • Uses belay technique with carabineer
  • Requires 2 rescuers
Evacuation Chair
  • Larger patients surface with 16.5″ seat size
  • Large wide footrest
  • Comfortable as no hyper-extension of knees
  • Metal wheel casters
  • Requires 2 rescuers

Client Comments

Evacusled Product Comparison Chart

FEATURES Original Evacusled™ (ESA)
(Bed Mattress Dependent)
New Sled2Go Evacusled™ (ESGO)
(NOT Bed Mattress Dependent)
Supersled™ (SSLED)
(Belay Technique)
Stores under mattress on bed
Cocoons patient using bed mattress
Requires a patient transfer
Single User for horizontal and vertical evacuation
Underside wheel system  (No Dragging)
Built in underside braking system
Lowest patient/staff injury risk
True surge bed for holding areas and triage
Preferred patient  device by nurse management
Nurse Competencies available
Anti-Fungal / Anti-bacterial / Fire retardant material
Uses Belay Technique with Carabineer tethering straps hooked to stairwell
Requires TWO rescuers for vertical
Requires log roll patient transfer