Evacusled Inc. – Saving Lives

All Hazards Evacuation Solutions

Evacusled Inc is a multi-product manufacturer and direct distributor providing quality emergency evacuation devices for facilities worldwide.

Facilities spanning from USA, to Canada, to Puerto Rico,  Japan to Europe team with Evacusled Inc. to reduce risk of injury to their patients/residents and to their staff.

Evacusled Inc devices have been implemented in the Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) of many State Hospital Associations, Counties, Regional Councils, MMRS, EMS, DOD, Department of V.A., Corporate Healthcare Systems, Medical Centers, Rehab Centers, and Nursing Homes.

Gold Standard in Patient Evacuation

All Hazards Evacuation Solutions

We consider patient evacuation to be an integral part of Quality Patient Care. Most of our clients consider Evacusled to be Gold Standard in Patient Evacuation. Our original Evacusled is the patient evacuation device which cocoons patient and mattress together. With underside wheels it makes evacuation easy, convenient, comfortable, efficient, and effective for both the patient and the staff.

Recently we launched our “next generation” Evacusled model , called the Sled2Go Evacusled. It was designed with direct input from several of our patience care oriented clients. Unlike our original flagship Evacusled , this newest model is completely independent of any bed/mattress combinations. Sled2Go has the same patented underside wheel system as all our Evacusled models which allows for rolling of patients’ weight all Evacusleds versus dragging. Hence very ergonomic with a low pull force. This wheel system is the key to a quick vertical evacuation by one staff only from the foot end. It incorporates foam padding ,a full spinal board with the result being high comfort and a true surge bed. Its simple color coding system allows for just in time training. Its versatility is endless.

Our Supersled is a more basic rescue/sked type device. Some use Supersled in conjunction with their Evacusled initiative depending on the patient population and this may help fully round out their evacuation plans.

We enjoy our close working relationships with our clients. We are honored to work with all who share in this common goal of increasing patient/staff safety and quality patient care.