Original Evacusled™ (ESA)
  • Deployed and saved lives in hurricanes, fires, floods
  • Evacuates patient on mattress for true surge bed
  • HPP/GSA evacuation equipment solution
  • Needs only 1 rescuer for vertical evacuation
  • Option to store under mattress for quick and easy accessibility
  • 25 built-in wheels, no dragging/lifting required
  • 5 built-in spinal boards for extra patient safety
  • Antifungal, antibacterial mattress cover material
  • Flexible devices allows for easy stairwell evacuation
  • Highly engineered braking system on underside for complete control
  • Extremely low pull force reducing risk of injury to staff
  • Evacusled readiness used across 50 States and internationally
Evacusleds™ are considered the Gold Standard in patient evacuation by many healthcare facilities.

Evacusleds™ offer solutions for patient evacuation, as well as patient holding, patient movement and surge capacity.