Easily Stored

  • Weight: 16 lbs / 7.25 kg
  • Folded and stored: 24”x 26”x 4”
  • Carry case cover prevents damage and requires only preventative maintenance
  • Stacks on cart, under bed or hangs on wall, gurney
  • Stores in disaster closet on cart, disaster box or in trunk of vehicle
SLED2GO™ Stand Alone Emergency Evacuation Device
Designed for one rescuer to evacuate patients / victims who are mobility impaired or incapacitated to a safe location during an emergency.

Designed for

Transfer of patients safely with ease for horizontal and /or vertical (stairway) evacuation to safe zone or outside the facility from

  • Gurney / Stretcher
  • Chairs in holding areas
  • Wheelchair bound Patients
  • Only ICU, MEDSURGE patients
  • Office setting

Rapid Evacuation with safe patient handling during

  • Internal fire evacuation – movement of patients to safe zone
  • Hazardous Materials event – HVAC system odor issue requiring need to move patients horizontally or vertically to safe zones
  • Area disruption due to power outage requiring evacuation or transfer
  • Explosive event with structural damage
  • Active shooter event – evacuate patient to safe zone
  • Natural disasters – Tornado, Earthquake, external fire evacuation
  • Mass Casualty – supplemental patient bed / transfer device in Emergency Departments and Alternative Care Sites
  • Transfer of patient from confined spaces
  • Transfer of patient or victim down narrow stair cases
Safer for Patient Transfer than current blanket drag method

Ease of Use for Rapid Horizontal / Vertical Evacuation

  • Only one rescuer required for horizontal & vertical evacuation
  • 2 rolls on underside patented wheel system
  • Rapid deployment with color coded system
  • Using foot end pull handle, roll patient along hallways
  • Transfer to the designated evacuation stairwell or holding area
  • Vertical evacuation using underside wheels and built in foot end braking system
  • Sled2Go’s internal rigid full length spinal board and mattress pad ensure high patient comfort and safety
  • Sled wheels ensure patient safe handling criteria for staff

Safe and Secure

  • Five double buckle, color coded securing straps safely cocoon patient for rapid deployment
  • Eight polypropylene stabilizing spinal boards
  • Full length rigid spinal board with mattress
Rapid Evacuation in Community Settings and Fire Life Safety Agency Needs