The one rescuer Neonate Evacusled Emergency Evacuation Device is a NICU overlay with 4 padded swaddle pods secured to a fully padded Pediatric Evacusled with 15 underside wheels.

  • One rescuer only needed for evacuation of 4 babies
  • Has 4 foam padded swaddle pods per Neonate device to carry 4 babies
  • Each padded pod has a full length built in spinal backboard for head/neck protection
  • Each padded pod has 4 adjustable swaddle securing straps to accommodate in securing of baby
  • Baby can go with its nest in 6″ high lower pod pocket or the full 18″ length of swaddle pod can be used
  • When swaddle straps secured, swaddle pod’s backboard literally curves up and around to “hug” infant for extra head protection
  • Neonate overlay clips easily onto 4 corner clips of Pediatric Evacusled. Pediatric Evacusled has built in foam mattress and spinal boards for increased protection
  • Large Equipment pouch at foot end provides easy transport for equipment
  • Device stores in small lightweight pouch for easy storing