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Evacusled Questions and Answers

Yes, you log roll patient on to the Supersled. They are secured in with 4 cross straps.

Some healthcare facilities and nursing homes depending on their patient population as well as EMS, MMRS, and Fire departments.

It takes one rescuer at the head end and one rescuer at the foot end. It uses a belay technique with tethering system and carabineer attached to stair railing.

It stores rolled in closet or hanging on wall or single unit or multi unit bags.

No, unlike the Evacusled that doubles as a surge capacity bed when deployed.

The Supersled uses log roll and drag method. It requires two rescuers for vertical evacuation and most nursing does not find it as easy to use as the Evacusled as it has no wheels to roll on.

It is a rescue device using drag method as per other patient log roll/carabineer/belay/tethering system for vertical evacuation.

Evacusled Inc. is the manufacturer of Evacusleds and distributor. Many use our GSA Contract. DOD uses our DAPA Contract.

We offer a Train the Trainer In-service, web training, CD/DVD and manual. Most include training as part of annual nurse competency into regular drills and employee orientation.

Evacusled can evacuate using standard width mattress (such as Go, Secure, Advance) as well as specialty mattresses including air (such as TotalCare, VersaCare, and Advanta Zone Air).

Evacusled Inc devices have been implemented in the EPP of many State Hospital Associations, Counties, Regional Councils, MMRS, EMS, DOD, Department of V.A., Corporate Healthcare Systems, Medical Centers, Rehab Centers, and Nursing Homes.

None have experienced any related issues over the course of past 9 that Evacusleds have been used.

Evacusled is made from mattress cover material (antifungal and antibacterial) and you simply dovetail with current housekeeping policy and wipe down with same cleaning solvent as mattress.

As there are no wheels under leg section it is easy for the 1 rescuer to control the speed and direction as simply raise and lower foot end which is the braking system.

Yes. One nurse evacuates patient to hallway. The next nurse rolls patient down hallway. Next nurse/rescuer rolls patient down 1 set of stairs. Next rescuer rolls down next set of stairs. It is a bucket brigade system for efficiency.

Evacusleds have 5 spinal boards built in for extra protection of neck/spine along with mattress and pillow.

There is no lifting required with the Evacusled as the patient’s weight rolls on 25 small wheels lowering the risk of injury to the rescuer. Only one nurse is needed for vertical evacuation.

No. Some facilities have only a few where others have one for every patient.

1) Under mattress/installed directly on bed deck/always ready
2) Under bed frame
3) Stacked in closet
4) Hanging on wall
5) Bulk storage bags

Yes. In Hurricane Katrina, in a Rehab fire/flood in Pennsylvania and in Puerto Rico.

Evacusled is a simple to use, 18lb patented All Hazard Emergency Evacuation Device that rolls on 25 embedded wheels. It evacuates patient and mattress together. It is designed to reduce risk of injury to patients and staff during horizontal and vertical emergency evacuation. Evacusleds are key for Surge Capacity, Mass Evacuation, Patient Holding, Pan Flu, Patient Transport and Quality Patient Care.

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